The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

YB Guest Days: 14th - 16th April 2006

Easter Weekend was upon us and it was decided to visit Groningen, Mike's old Uni Town.

After playing games with pilot shops for about 2 weeks James managed to order a chart.

We arrived at Southend in seemingly CAVOK conditions, with a good forecast for the day.

After fuel was uplifted the weather was closer to –RADZ SCT005 OVC010, typical!

So it was off to the café to stuff our faces with fried food.

After Breakfast we obtained updated weather for enroute.

All seemed to have improved with a good forecast, so the flight plan was filed

(EGMC-DVR-KOK-COA-RR-PAM-EHGG) and we were off.

It was a little murky after departure, but still flyable.

Mike and Russ kept a good look out for other traffic.



At last the visibility improved and land was sighted off the port wing.









James and Russ.



Mike...he is smiling..honest. That’s the look of total security.




We landed at Groningen, Eelde and apart from the usual kick in the nuts for fuel uplift.

It was a wonderful experience and an excellent airport, with excellent service.

We will be going back. The town was excellent too, without a trace of litter.



So it was off out for a shandy.



Not sure but I think some of us may have had some bad ice cubes in our drinks.

Always beware of the tap water when abroad!

Day two was to Hilversum (DCT-EHHV), which was a nice friendly field.




Day three we returned home (DCT-RR-DCT-COA-KOK-DVR-EGMC)



Finals back home at Souhend