The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Flying Monkey Xmas Party - 2004

Well it's that time of the year and so we threw a party for the Flying Monkeys

+ a few friends and family.

Many Thanks to all who made the party happen, including:

Jenny and Betty who stepped in at the last minute to provide the catering;

John for the Disco;

Kim & Mitch for the Artwork;

Live Wire (the Band)and their 'groupies' who played an excellent set and drank lots of beer!..;

...and all the Flying Monkey Supporters who helped out and made the party a success.

Not many captions, but the pictures are self-explanatory.

Setting up the Disco and the've never seen so much kit!


Keeping the beer cold                                                      What do you Fancy?


                     After a hard day's cooking Betty and Jenny hit the Wine                           Mitch ensures the sound is right

Monkeys, Family and Friends


















Let the drinking games begin!



A great time had by all!

Next Year's Party is on Saturday 10th December.

John has agreed to do the disco again and we hope to get the band back too!

Jenny & Bett still have not confirmed their views on catering........'on yer bike' was the last text message

.....not sure if that means no, but we've got all year to butter 'em up!

.....get it? mind.