The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Twin to LFAT: Menisha's 1st Trip abroad - 01.08.2004

Menisha had recently turned 12 months of age and the day before we went for her first flight in G-SE

(it was also the first flight in G-SE for my mum and the wife)

I had been planning to take family and friends to LFAT

and thought the best way was to take a 'twin' so we could all go together.

Having confirmed which aircraft would be available I phoned round to fill the seats.

Bright and Early we set of for Southend...Ofcourse James was running on JST (James Standard Time)

'Mini' and Chrissy in the waiting room

James explains the differences between the Chieftain and Seneca to Dee


All aboard

Menisha and Chris

Leona and Warren

Dr Pants (Danny) and Helen...he's not a real doctor..he's a psychiatrist

Coasting out over Folkestone public....Mini adjusts her sunglasses...

Landing 32 at LFAT

After landing in LFAT, James dons his Hi-Vis and wishes he had bought his was bloody hot!

He always forgets that 9/10 times when he flies with Dee, the weather turns fine!

Waiting for cabs - whenever the sun comes out, the world and his uncle goes to LFAT.

The cabs drop off in the town here..near the taxi rank and cash machine

A gentle stroll before Lunch at the usual 'Rugby Pub'

Dan and Helen ordered Vases of Hoegaarden

Mini inspected her Skips, whilst mummy's dinner got cold

After Lunch we sauntered down to the beach....a Carousel

The beach was packed

Working off lunch.....Catching some rays...

Every bar and restaurant was packed as we walked back to the Taxi Rank


Taxiing for Departure home

Airborne again.

A good day out.....when can we go again?