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Thurrock Stay Home - 01/11/2003

Well, sooner or later our luck with the weather was going to run out.

And it did.

We had planned to go to Lyon for an overnight stay,

but instead spent the day working on our planes at the field.

G-BN and G-SE on the 'hardstanding' at Thurrock

 Paul getting the industrial cleaner working - G-BEBN's first wash by Paul & Rob

Rob gets involved.

Paul shows Rob how to operate the sponge and subsequently signs him off.

G-MB in the Hangar - can't leave it out in the rain, might shrink!

Pete re-trimming G-SE's Dash.

Pete & Dee  with G-SE

Note: Trimming the dash is much easier if you take the screens out....

or get someone else to do it!

Flying is great fun for us and part of the experience is care of our aircraft.

It is nice to fly in clean and serviceable aircraft.