The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Trip to The Chateau... 24th-26th June 2005

We decided to visit the Chateau La Chassagne to celebrate Kim & Helen's birthdays!

This private luxury hotel, a former 19th century hunting lodge, set in the idyllic splendour of a 100-acre woodland park,

is located in the glorious Burgundy countryside close to Dijon / France.

It has its own private airfield which makes it perfect!

Click on the link to visit the website of 'The Chateau La Chassagne'

Off to the Chateau.....

Mitch, Kim, Helen & Graham departed Thurrock in G-MK inbound to Le Touquet

to clear customs before filing an IFR flight plan direct (well almost) to the Chateau.

John & Eunice depart Thurrock  in N-7SA for Southend

to pick up Jenny, Tosh, Paul & Rob & then on to Le Touquet.

Coasting in at Le Touquet, weather looks okay,

but there was a threat of some thunder storms coming up through France!

So it was a quick clear customs & file direct to The Chateau at FL 90 (9 thousand feet)

We didn't encounter any bad weather en-route so we decided to celebrate......

..& open the champange!! Paul & John were restricted to lemonade though, seeing as they were up front!

This was the beginning of the bad weather, but we were almost at The Chateau at this point

Short final at The Chateau. Mitch was operating the radio to advise which runway to use!

They have Two windsocks on the field, one at either end.

Because of the terrain the windsocks dont always indicate in the same direction

 - something to be aware of when flying in! You could end up with a tail wind!

The traditional 'Rolls Royce follow me car' came out to escort N-SA to the parking area

& then take us all round to the front terrace

Helen & Kim waiting for their driver!

This is about as far as we got for the afternoon until it was time to go to the dining room for dinner for 8.00!

The whole crew - Jenny, Rob, Tosh, Eunice, Paul, Helen, Graham, Mitch, Tony, Nessy, Kim & John.

The tradition for your first visit to The Chateau is to open a bottle of Champange

by breaking the top of the bottle with a large heavy knife!

(The tradition is supposed to be for the pilot only - for their first landing in to The Chateau,

well we are multi crew - so we all had a go!!)

Eunice first!



Tosh, with Eunice catching the first of the bubbles!

Seeing as John was our real pilot, he needed to get it right so Kamel shows him the secret!


Graham, with Helen catching the first of the bubbles!


We forced Mitch to open a bottle - despite that he has done this all before...

but we were drinking them as fast as they could bring them out!!!

We also talked Kamel into showing us how to open a bottle properly!

and so the Champange flowed....Nessy, Kim & Jenny enjoy the odd glass!!

Eunice decides she needs to walk some of the Champange off!!

Mitch & Kim welcome us all to The Chateau!

After finishing the Champange (and the beers that we had in between)

it was time to go through to the dining room......

Kim's specially ordered birthday cake!

After dinner it was back out on the terrace for more drinks and.......

We decided to play 'night golf'!

Which also ment jumping on the golf buggy to search for the lost balls,

using the flash of the camera as a torch!

The next day we decided to fly to a local airfield called Beaune just to have a look round

We found a huge market going on there, so wandered about for a while before returning to the Chateau.

Paul & Graham enjoying the facilities at The Chateau (& the beer too)!

Relaxing by the pool!

John & Eunice chilling out!

After chilling out all day it was time to go into the Chateau's own wine cellar for wine tasting!

A excellant way to choose the wine for dinner! We took a bottle of each!!

The next day we decided to rent a hummer to drive around in!

We went to a wine, car & fighter jet aircraft museum.

When we got back it was time to pack & leave for home.

We didn't want to go out of the airfield with Six people on board so John, Eunice & Paul

departed for Dijon in N-7SA & Mitch took Jenny, Tosh & Rob in G-MK to Dijon,

the runway is much longer there & tarmac too!

We waved Mitch off as he returned to The Chateau to spend another day there!

We flew into Le Touquet for a quick coffee break & re-fuel before returning to Thurrock.

It all amounted to a fantastic weekend spent in luxury surroundings with great company!

Many thanks to all the staff at The Chateau for looking after us all!