The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

TEXEL - 27.03.2004

We had planned Alderney... again, but weather to the West was pants.

The weather was better to the East with Ostend giving 9999s and Clear Skies.

So to Ostend....again.

We took off from Thurrock and headed East down the Thames. Vis wasn't great.

Coasting out at North Foreland (NF), the weather started to clear

and the sun broke through.

Think this is a 'Sea Breeze Front'

John and Dee in Clear Skies..

So, I suggested to John...'Why don't we fly up to Texel?'

Ian and James..eyes front!

Righthand Downwind at Ostend

Turning Base over the Town

Parked up by Ostend Air College

After landing at EBOS, Ian and James stayed to refuel G-MB and the rest of us went to 'C'

Rob and Paul checked the weather, I filed the new flight plans to Texel (EHTX) and 

photocopied a set of plates for G-MB, while John paid the landing fees and then went to

find a map for Holland (we didn't have one with us).

John managed to borrow a map from Simon Ramseyer in the Ostend Air College

on the proviso that he returned it to him. John will post it!

So to Texel!

G-MB in formation with G-SE

Following G-SE North up coast of Belgium

.....Then coast of Holland

....Past the many oil platforms...

To Texel

Where we Re-fueled and had lunch

Texel  is very GA friendly and Ed and Mike Bruijn (in Tower) very hospitable and helpful.

It also has a Skydiving school. Next time we will stay over!

G-MB parked at Texel + Ian, Rob, Paul and James

G-SE: Dee's walkaround.

Following G-SE home

(approx. 2.5 hrs Texel - Thurrock)