The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

09/10/05 : Bristol Filton, a Surprise Post-Birthday Sortie, then Kemble for Lunch.

Fantastic Weather and 'Gin Clear' skies, but where should we go?

Rob received a fax from the job we visited last week,
expanding the scope a bit. So a return visit was on the cards.

Off we set in G-MK (Partnenavia) and G-MB (Robin).
We headed for Filton - closer to the job plus cheaper on landing and handling fees.

Finals 27 at Filton
G-MB Landing 27

After landing Rob and Paul ran off to a waiting cab while we secured the aircraft,
before retiring to the departure lounge for a coffee.

John made a call to Steve (a work colleague of his) who lived in Bristol. An hour later
(cos the field shuts for lunch!) the family were on the field ready for a quick 'local'.

John with Sasha & Amber sporting their headsets

Steve and Family with G-MK
Amber and Sasha (Birthday Girl) enjoying the ride...
Look where we're going Dad!
Steve getting the hang of MK - Look out Julie, this could be expensive!

Steve, Julie, Sasha & Amber - The 'Album Cover' shot! 
After saying goodbye, we set off for Kemble for some Lunch.
Concord at Filton - £12 to go take a look
(A popular exhibit judging by the Car Park)

Kemble however is well worth a visit.
Very friendly, reasonable landing fees and great food!

We returned to Thurrock via Benson and Bovingdon.

Another Grand Day Out!