The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Sunday 2/10/05: Bristol then Kemble

With one thing and another there have been a distinct lack of monkey flyouts this year!

So hopefully this has broken the spell.

Rob and Paul needed to go to Bristol to look at a job (case the joint, etc).

So off we set in John's Six.

On the way out we routed via Biggin Hill

Passing Farnborough

Plenty of room...Paul and I had a row each!


A Horsey....4NM South of VRP Avebury

(one of several carved in to Hillsides around here)

Landing 27 at Bristol

A long drive (due to traffic) in to town to see the job,

then back to depart for Lunch in Kemble.

Turning Base for 26 at Kemble

John enquires if there are any Aeroplanes for the bar!

Today's Monkeys after Lunch

John and Dee inspect the old Hawk...shame its an ornament.

Passing North of London on way home - Wembley in centre ground.

North abeam Elstree on direct route back to Thurrock.

Today's route...a good days flying to start the Autumn/Winter with.