The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Spain Flyback - Day 1

Time to go home.

We had looked at doing the whole trip in one day and planned to depart early to give it a go.

G-BN flew in to Alicante from Almeria.G-SE and G-YB flew in from Muchamiel.

James and Rob loading YB at LEMU

G-SE and G-YB loaded and ready to go

Downwind for 10 at Alicante

G-YB held at N, G-SE held ready for base and G-BN arrived and was sent to NE

We landed eventually (bloody busy on Saturdays) and had to wait 1.5hrs to complete refuelling,

so that scuppered us for time and meant the trip would take two days.

G-YB...Conference with Dad

Lining up to depart

To speed things up we asked to line up and depart in turn, so we could get out of the way.

Airborne....Alicante was very busy with a constant stream of flights.

Turning toward NE reporting point

Starting up the coast from NE


Another View of Benidorm

Leaving Girona and crossing the Spanish / French FIR Boundary

One of the many 'Temporary Prohibited Areas' in France - Cruas Meysse nr MTL

Putting the fleet to bed at Lyon

We spent the night at the Novotel in Lyon.

Another Tip: Take your own beer!..€8 per pint!

Dee selects a cocktail - its cheaper than Beer!

Dinner in Lyon.

Spain Flyback - Day 2

Day 2 we departed Lyon Bron around 9am local

G-BN Ready to go

G-YB Ready to go

G-SE Ready to go

Another Air Show at Dijon, meant we were routed to the West - Beautiful Countryside

Approaching Troyes, the weather started to deteriorate with cloudbase dropping to around 2000ft

We had to refuel at LFAT, where cloudbase was 900ft and SVFR only...we approached via S

G-YB and G-SE at LFAT

G-BN too!

The trip back to Thurrock seemed rapid after the last two days flying

Back at Thurrock, Rob cracked open the Champers

All back safely at Thurrock.

Bon Ette!...another adventure!