The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Spain Flyout - Day 1

In November 2003 the idea of flying to Spain was born.

Rob and Paul had friends in Tabernas, Ian had a place near Alicante and James had family there too.

So why not?

We picked June as we thought that this would present us with the best weather for the flight

and so we decided to make this a flyout + family holiday.

Thus, Eunice (John's wife), Chrissie and Menisha (Dee's wife and daughter) were booked on BA flights.

Lisa (Rob's sister) and Mike planned to fly in from Cyprus via the UK, leaving the boys with Grandparents.

The seven months leading up to departure saw planning of routes, ordering of spare parts, preparation of our fleet 

and many other challenges that we sytematically worked through.

Then with a week to go, Menisha caught Chicken Pox and so Chris and Menisha couldn't travel.

The result was that Dee flew out as planned, but then flew back from Alicante with Easyjet

and arranged to fly back on Friday night so that he could fly G-SE back with group.

So..on to day 1...Thursday 17th June 1300 Zulu

1st Leg Thurrock to Dijon.

G-YB in formation approaching LFOW


After landing on 36 at Dijon, we taxied for about 10 mins across this massive Military base to the GA side.

Dee, James, Rob, Paul, John, Ted, Ian and Rob with G-BN, G-SE, and G-YB

Having Refueled and still all fired up, we decide to press on to make some gains for Day 2 and also to

give us a greater lead on the following inclement weather that was forecast.

So we decided to bust on to Lyon Bron - Part of Leg 2.

Arriving at Lyon, we were advised that there was an airshow on that weekend and we should refuel

and file for an early departure - so we did.

Once we got to our Hotels we struggled to find somewhere to eat as it was late.

The Novotel was where we ended up for food.

TIP: Stay at the isn't that expensive and you'll get a decent nights kip!

Spain Flyout - Day 2

Day 2 saw us departing Lyon Bron at 0800 Local

Fantastic scenery all the way!

Ground Rising as we approached MTL

Coasting out over the Med at Montpellier

Abeam Perpignan - The Pyrenees in the distance

After Landing at Gerona, we once again refuelled and proceeded to file for Alicante.

Partenavias aplenty in Gerona!

But, we were told that we could not park at Alicante (where we had planned to stop the night)


After much discussion we decided to see what happened at Alicante.

Climbing out from Gerona

G-BN in formation along the Spanish Coast - Rob doing some filming!

A beach - 1000ft

Landing Alicante - Heavy Crosswind!

We were marshalled to our parking bay

G-SE Turbo? - Guess who's legs....

At Alicante we refuelled again. We were unable to park there so,

G-YB and G-SE filed for Muchamiel, a GA filed 10K North of LEAL 

G-SE and G-YB Tucked up in Muchamiel

G-BN decided to press on to Almeria

Town and the Runway at Almeria

A Week in Spain

Tosh and Jenny Welcome the Monkeys to Spain...well three of us hoo.

Left to Right: Rob, Paul, Jenny, Lin, Eunice, John, Lisa, Mike and Tosh

Tosh and Jenny's Place

Hotel del Flying Monkeys (Hotel Hospaderio)

Eunice and John with G-BN

Dave and Sharon with G-BN

John prepares to re-live younger days...Eunice holds on tight!

Mike and Lisa too!

The Three Amigos...Nice Wig Mike!

The gang make a Trip to Torrevieja to see Ian and Anne

A night out..Dinner...

and DISCO!