The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

SNOW - Local - 19.12.09

The plan had been to go to LFAT in the EC120, but with OAT less than Zero

and poor conditions in France we decided to postpone.

Later (after a few beers) we though sod it, lets at least get airborne

even if it just to buzz the pub!

We set off early and remarkably, the roads were quite clear.

Redhill in the early hours. Snow covered...cold...and closed to fixed wing traffic!

News Choppers getting ready for lift.


...and away...

Out on the pad after a struggle out from the hangar over the ice.

Walkaround....Dave walking around...Dee performing the walkaround 

After an hours sortie to Orsett, we arrived back at Redhill for another white-out.

No pics during the flight, as Dave was too idol to bring a camera!

Photos taken by Maria Zaiger of

And Bob Kember of &