The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Saturday 13.11.04 - Skegness, then Netherthorpe

We had talked about going to Alderney for some cheap fuel....

but then decided that the water might be cold in the event of a mishap.

So as the boys hadn't been there before, we decided to go for Skegness!

G-SE, G-YB and G-BN Taxiing for departure

G-SE Airborne

G-YB Airborne

G-BN Airborne

Shortly to be followed by G-MK

We routed VFR via Billericay, Chelmsford, Braintree, Lakenheath and Hunstanton.



'Heavy' on finals for Lakenheath..

Arriving Skegness, we routed straight in for 29

G-YB landing, G-BN on short finals

First three on from G-MK on finals

Lined up at Skegness

Today's flyout....Graham taking the photos

G-SE: Ian and Dee, G-YB: James and Rob, G-BN: Paul and Rob, G-MK: Mitch and Graham

After a coffee and biscuit...all the pub had to offer as we arrived out of season...

we set off for Netherthorpe for somewhere esle to fly

and also to meet a potential buyer for G-SE...a chap called Mark Marshall who is based at Full Sutton

G-BN and G-SE in formation to Netherthorpe

All the singles....

G-MK was the 'photobus'......shown here at Netherthorpe

Graham takes some bloody good pics!