The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Rotorheads EGSX: 24 Apr 2010

One of the chaps on PPRuNe Rotorheads had suggested a fly-in to give us Rotor wallas an excuse to go flying if we needed one

Dee (S1lverback) had FEDA booked and a plan was hatched for the Monkeys to go Flying!

First sortie departing Thurrock.

Rob, Paul, Dee & Mike jump into C177 to fly into Redhill to collect G-FEDA

Mike doing the 'pre-flight' checks!

Paul cleaning the screens while Rob goes back to Thurrock to pick up passengers along with P68. 

G-FEDA enroute to Stock Airfield to meet up with the monkey crew.

Overhead QE2 Bridge

Overhead 'Thurrock International', Home of The Monkeys!

C177 & P68 with crew waiting for G-FEDA at Stock Airfield

Levi, Captain of P68 for the day

Rob, Lisa, Levi

Loading passengers into G-FEDA for the trip to North Weald Airfield...don't step on the float!

Captain's Brief!

Levi is quiet...brief must be interesting!

Lift off ......bound for North Weald.

MK departing for North Weald

Setting down at NW before departure for the next passenger pick up

North Weald to Orsett (return) to pick up the Chris and the kids

Waiting for T4 to drop...and perfect opportunity to ask 'would you like to see my chopper?'

Ready to go......Lift...



and away to EGSX.

Parked up for Lunch at North Weald......G&Ts for some!

Quick Sortie with Mitch, Kim, Lisa & Mini, before departing for Orsett enroute Redhill

Can you tell who had the G&T's?

Final Sortie....Marshall flapping his arms but not hovering....Chrissie having a bad hair moment 

Mini & Roly ready for lift

Orsett Windmill.....must see if we can land there....right next to the pub!

Landing back in Orsett, before departure to Redhill.

Spitfire at NW with C177 behind

C177 Crew

Levi chillin' in BN!

Short final into Thurrock to drop off passengers for HQ, then off to Redhill to collect G-FEDA crew

& back to Thurrock for de-brief in HQ, with all of today's Flying Monkeys!