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RENO AIR RACES: 17-18/09/2005

When we started to plan this years (2005) events, The RENO Air Race was suggested
and there was a lot of interest amongst the Monkeys,
but various events and circumstances meant that a few of us couldn't make it.
However, Martin, Mitch, Ben & Mark did go and the following link leads to the pics (as thumbnails) from the trip.
(images are in no particular order)
Mitch got the bug to race the Monkeys may well return to RENO with a plane to race!!
( the not too distant future).
Special thanks to John 'Cabi' for his hospitality and for looking after one not so well monkey....
John is a very keen aviator who flies his Piper Cub and is currently doing a home build project.
He also attended the J.O.B. low flying seminar...(Ed: tee hee..)
 John is a real 'Top Gun'.