The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Paris_LFPN: 24th...and 25th March 2007

Sell & John had been hankering after visiting Paris.

CDG and Le Bourget were really too expensive for 'Avion Prive'

so Toussus le Noble (LFPN) was selected.

We filed IFR from Stapleford, departing 0800Z and were routed DET, Drake, DVL, FL090 etc.,

arriving 07L after just 2 hours.

LFPN is quite a friendly field, but some way out from Paris.

The Taxi in and out of Paris is quite expensive @ €60-70 each way,

So after a quick stop at the pilot's shop, we took a taxi into Paris.

The ?...I know i'm a philistine, but I went for the flight!

View of Paris to the North

Lunch, coffee, some souvenirs, then a taxi back to the field.

We had filed 1600Z departure.

We readied ourselves, called for start and then whilst briefing the departure saw that

the OAT was now 0C on the ground, so departure would likely be in to icing conditions.

We shutdown, cancelled the flightplan, then a coffee and back in to Paris for the night.

Next day, we headed back for the field and departed 0930Z as filed

We were given 07L 1U departure and cleared to FL100 Radar Vectored to Opale.

Turning 301 from OL under Radar Vectors...Eiffel Tour in distance

Climbing through cloud to FL100

Dee and John up front.

A quick flight back too...200 knots at one point!

450-500NM round trip.

....the worst part was the price of coffee!! €16 for 3 cups at one place....should have drunk beer instead