The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Ostend - 17/01/2004

At last we broke the LFAT cycle.

Off to Ostend!

But we were an hour late getting airborne due to frost on our wings


Coasting out from Dover at FL55 - Broken Cloud at 1500ft

Abeam Calais

Descending to remain VMC

A bit lower

Turning 'finals' for 26 at Ostend

Approach on ILS - if you follow it down, you miss the first exit!

Finals - Had to take 1st exit to allow G-BN to land behind us

G-MB had to orbit twice downwind! make way for the 'Heavy Traffic'

(With the voice of the Mysterons!)

Ostend have put their prices up!...

34 Euros Landing fee + 10 Euros per passenger!

Not a way to encourage GA visitors.

Anyway.....La Stalla Restaurant


Paul and his Brother Paul

At last James (right) gives the correct salute.

Two of our return Flight Plans were mislaid at Brussels, Ostend only had G-SE's.

After a couple of calls to Heathrow and Brussels, Brussels added G-MB

and G-BN to G-SE's Flight Plan in order to expedite our departure.

The Beach between Ostend and Koksy

Return - Cloudbase 1100ft over North Sea

Dunkirk - During the War......

'Mikey' over the North Sea


G-MB...a bit closer

G-MB on the wing of G-BN

G-SE Leading the formation

The 'Arrow' formation approaching Dover


G-SE Coasting in at Dover

G-MB Coasting in at Dover

G-BN 'WingMan'

G-BN Panel - Sheerness ahead