The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Ostend Flyout - 08/11/2003

Yes, its November and we are still getting about!

Why not try Ostend?

We planned: DCT - MTN - DCT - KOK - DCT

In reality, due to height, we could not pass through the Manston overhead and instead

routed around Margate and North Foreland before picking up the KOKSY VOR

VRP: Sheerness

The visibility was not stunning and cloudbase was about 2000ft

Southend Pier in Haze

Whitstable / Herne Bay....John?

Margate - you can see the fairground (looks smaller from the air)

Crossing the North Sea - KOKSY bound

As soon as you are handed over to Ostend, you are under Radar Control

5 miles from KOK we were routed up the coast for 'finals'

Long Finals for 08

Landing 08

Exiting 'Echo'

You will be escorted to your parking space

This way....

Marshall (and lift to the Terminal)

Don't forget your Passport and Pilot's license! - It can cause you problems on departure.


Kate waiting by the Condom Machine for Pete & some Flying Monkeys


After browsing in the market and a walk to the beach we had lunch.

Power Checks at 'F'


Airborne again, climb to 1000ft and then left turn to follow coast - Photo abeam Ostend

Back across the North Sea to Manston

Visibility along the Thames wasn't great - 8KM in Haze. G-MB in distance.

G-MB landing at Thurrock - 07

G-MB about to Flare

G-BN Landing at Thurrock - so fast it blurred the photo...