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Monkeys go MASH - Helicopter Training in the US: Dec 2008

Dee had started Rotary training in 2005 on the Hughes 500 at Redhill (see archive), but had

abandoned it after 16hrs due to the training cost in the UK.

This year with the Lance (PA32R) being out of action for 5 months,

his thoughts drifted back to Rotary - he had to get this finished.

After several months of searching online for suitable schools,

he found one in Lancaster PA (USA).

A few emails and calls later and Dee decided to make a 3 day recce in October  

to check out the schools at Lancaster.

Following that, he returned in December with Paul and Rob to commence the rating.

Dee at Lancaster Helicopters; Paul and Rob at Dutch Country Helicopters

Lancaster Airport - view from above (via Google Earth)

Below 206JR the Jetranger


On Saturday, Brian (Lancaster Helis) had work booked for the day,

but invited Dee along for the trip.

First, we were off to Brandywine airport (West Chester, PA) to the museum,

where Santa was to be brought in to the kids by chopper!

(No Paul....I was not dressed as Santa with a Tan)

Later we had to go to New York to drop off the owner of the Bell 206 (above).

Dee flew the return leg with Brian, but due to darkness and incoming

snow storms, they had to divert to Pottstown and wait for collection by car.

 Snow covering in the morning. It was freezing.....down to minus 5!

And then it rained! We lost two days of flying due to weather.

Panel in 4250A - Bell 47

Rob and Paul made good headway in to their training

logging over 2 hours each on the first day!

Engine and Ducting for heating - which was really welcome as the Bell 47 used initially

had no heating and it was freezing!!!

Paul with OA

Paul with Jim (DCH) ready for lift.

Rob with Darren (ex-Dagenham) in the hover.

Panel of 50MP - Hughes 369 or more commonly known as Hughes 500A

C18 Turbine + Exhaust - Engine bay so clean you could eat out of it!!...

50MP on its Dolly

Dee showing his affection for the Hughes - too big for Santa's sack.

Warming up in the Hot Tub at the end of the day......

Then into the pool!.....not as cold as Elba!

Scooters restaurant, where we ate nearly every night.

A great time had by all.

Our thanks to Brian, Becky & Richard of Lancaster Helicopters

and Terry, Hugo, Jim & Darren of Dutch Country Helicopters

for the hospitality and a week of fun!