The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Mediterranean Odyssey - 12th to 20th May 2006

A cold Saturday in Feb saw John gazing aimlessly, coffee in hand,

at the notice board in North Weald. 

A hand-written note seeking a co-pilot to Tunis caught his eye. 

One week later John and Peter met for the first time and the trip was on!

DAY 1 - Elstree to Auxerre via Guernsey - for a spot of shimmy maintenance!

On the Ground at Auxerre

G-TECH with the Commander Fleet taking part in the flyout

DAY 2 - To Corsica

Saint Tropez beach.  The noodie beach is round to the right but we didn't look!

Passing abeam STP VOR

First sight of Corsica

Turning finals at Figari

Getting there is what we enjoy most...

but you can't argue with the view at the end of this trip.

John speaking to the office; "I'm on the train".

With Danielle are honorary Monkeys Mike and Sukey Perry who put a fantastic effort into organising the

trip including a private meeting in Tunis with the Government Minister in charge of

diplomatic clearances for visiting aircraft.

Mike is 'Mister Commander' in Europe see Commander High Performance School

DAY 3 - to Tunis

Peter has owned G-TECH for the last 18 years and treats it like his baby. 

How comes John got to fly it then??


Following the follow-me car (in the other follow-me car) and miraculously missing the runway lights.

Sukey coping admirably with Hassan's enthusiastic welcome to Tunis

Mike 'Panama Jack' Perry spots another Paparazzi and moves quickly to protect his stars.

At last, tubular bells, Tunis! We made it!

Honorary Monkeys Dave, Jeff (G-OLTF), Danielle and Keith (G-KEEF) by the pool.

Keith knew of the Flying Monkeys before we met, having surfed the site.

The Souk in Tunis: I take back everything I ever said about Lakeside

DAY 5 - to Malta

Colin & Mike...Departures at Tunis

"Remember what I said, I only want you to blow the ruddy doors off" 

Commanders at Pantelleria

Ken of the Malta Flying Club

DAY 7 - to Arezzo

Outside the Meridien Phoenicia in Malta

Climbing away from Malta

Mount Etna

Enroute to Pescara

Commanders at Arezzo, Tuscany

DAY 8 - to Lyon Bron

Fair Weather Cumulo-Granitus, northern Italy, abeam Bay of Genoa 

One last look at the Med before routing up the Rhone Valley and into Lyon Bron for the last over night. 

Next day would see us back in Blighty battling IMC and back to earth with not too much of a bump. 

A fantastic trip and North Africa in the log book! 

John and Peter have already planned the next outing - The Malta Air Rally

Watch this space!