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1st Monkey Cadet: Mark Gets his Wings - 15.08.2004

Sunday 15th August 2004

The premise for today's excursion was to secretly arrive at Andrewsfield to surprise Mark

who was taking his GFT today. So we took some of the fleet along....

James brought G-YB in from Southend to Thurrock

Paul Refuelled G-BN

...and Meanwhile

Terry picking up today's banner

Tee Hee

Mitch arrived and we pulled the P68 out of the Hangar

The latest method of fuel conservation...rotate!

After a quick jaunt to North Weald to kill some time while waiting for Kim we set off for Andrewsfield

Mark was in the circuit finishing off his GFT.

Another textbook landing..and off again.

Mark strolls over to us after a succesful GFT..just NAV to complete!

So refuel and off again.

So the Monkeys were left watching the circuit traffic while Mark completed his NAV exercise.

Then a Mooney, just taking off coughed and spluttered, spat out some black smoke on climb out (not good)

and had to make a forced landing in a nearby cornfield.

A textbook Forced Landing and both occupants escaped unharmed

They got a lift back to the field from the Air Ambulance

and the field was re-opened.

Shortly after, Mark returned form his NAV exercise

Pass or Fail?....Pass ofcourse...But at 16 Mark can't have his license yet!

Mum and Dad with Mark

Mark's Brother Ben also had a good day!..passing his Air Law and Human Factors Exams.

Watch this site for Ben's GFT.

The Monkeys welcome Mark to the Squadron

Presenting Mark with his PPL Wings and an Aviation Colouring Book

(as he can't have his license till he is 17)

Remember Mark, if you have trouble colouring in the pictures...Paul is an artiste.