The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Lunch in Guernsey - 13.08.2005

The plan the week before had been to have a flyout to Guernsey,

but as we approached Thursday this week it was apparent that the flyout was going to consist of 1 plane

G-MEAH.....complete with Dee,  new monkey Trevor and new monkey in training Danny.

So off to Guernsey!



Climbing out to the South from Thurrock

Past the familiar landmarks of QE2 Bridge...

..and BlueWater


Dee and Trevor up front...Danny taking pics and sitting on Dee's Raybans!

Turning South from IOW

Coasting out...Broken cloud at 2000' over the Channel

Having QSY'd from London Info (124.75) to Jersey Control (125.20),

we were routed South from ORTAC past VRP 'Cap De La Hague'



The North East Reporting point on Guernsey, where we orbited to allow a 146 to land.

On Base Leg for 27

Finals for 27.... a little high, but we still made the piano keys.

Lunch in The Deer Hound Pub..just a short walk up the road....Trevor was flying back..

Leaving the Channel Isles - Localised low cloud and rain....but no CBs!

We were cleared to ORTAC not above 1000ft and West of Alderney.

After that we climbed to 3000ft in to IMC, then mid channel emerged inbetween layers of cloud.

We tracked toward SAM (Southampton VOR)...using our GPS as backup ofcourse!

Approaching the English coast, before decending North of Shoreham to remain below the TMA.

Surprisingly few folk aviating today....