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London Helilanes - 10th Dec 2010

Dee had wanted to to fly the London Helicopter Routes for a bit of fun.

Common sense prevailed and on this first flight Giles (above) came along to help with the route 
and radio, as it is important to stay on the prescribed route.


We planned to do 2 of the routes on this flight, continuing North off the first one, 

to pick up Alex from her local football club.

So, H9 from Oxshott East  to Northwood (through London Heathrow)

Sadly no pics for this leg, as I was flying and Giles forgot to get the Camera out...doh!

Then H9 Northwood - Gutteridge, H10 to Barnes, H4 out to the Isle of Dogs.

G-FEDA on the pitch at Sun Postal Sports FC

All aboard...going for start!

Sadly, Val's camera battery died, so no photo of lift off!.. 

After Take-off, routing around the Grove Hotel, 
who refused us landing unless we were staying there.

Wembley Stadium

London Skyline in the distance

Passing Westminster

St Pauls

Tower of London

Back of my the we tracked along the Thames 

Canary Wharf, Dome &Thames Barrier

The Dome & London City Airport

Turning South after the Thames Barrier toward Redhill.

Thanks to Alex for taking the pics;
Thanks to Mr Tibbles for letting us land at the Sun Postal Sports FC pitch;
& Thanks to Giles for coming along and showing me the ropes.