The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Local - 06.03.2004

The Weather Stuffed us again!

LFAT was the plan given the forecast,

but the cloudbase was 500ft over Thurrock for most of the morning.

G-SE and G-BN secured again.

After a while we retired to 'HQ' (The Pub) for lunch.

Meanwhile the weather improved and James flew in from Southend in G-YB.

Now after 1300, we couldn't really go too far,

so we thought we'd have a run over to North Weald.

The trip to North Weald was short. We crossed the threshold for runway 02

and initiated a descending turn on to finals.

Short Finals 02


Tony Roberts (Today's guest) with G-SE

G-YB parked up at North Weald - Weather steadily improving.

'The Squadron' North your landing fee - which has gone up 50% to £7.50

and grab something to eat and drink.

To round the flight off, we took a trip down the Thames again

City Airport.

..Bloody Weather!...Still we gave the planes a run....