The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Dinard, then Alderney - 04.09.2004

We flew this trip nearly a year ago and with the weather forecast looking good

we planned for Dinard, then Alderney to Refuel

Dee taxiing G-SE for fuel...must claim drawback!

G-BN Refuelled

Power Checks at 25

The Orsett Show was on...horses and stuff...

Leaving the UK coast at 4000'

G-MB in formation (starboard)

G-BN in formation (port)

Coasting in at Cherbourg

Cherbourg AD

St Malo

Downwind Right for 35

All parked. Landing fees were €12 for SE and BN and €8 for MB (cos its balsa...tee hee)

Getting a taxi in to town proved arduous but eventually (40mins) later we were in town.

Lunch...and Paul got his plain salad!...

Waiting for a cab....if you can, book return cabs wherever possible..took 30mins+ again to get back to the field!

We then took off for Alderney (30mins late) in order to refuel

Approaching Jersey

Passing west abeam EGJJ (Jersey)

Approaching Alderney (EGJA)

Refuelling took longer than expected as the fuelman is on callout

EGJA was NOTAM'd as PPR due to Staff Sickness - we PPR'd like good boys

But this didn't stem the traffic at all for the island.

Taking off, we proceeded to ORTAC before turning for IOW

G-BN and GMB passing Isle of Wight.

A long day...