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LFAT 12.02.2006 - Wet..Wet..Wet..

I hadn't been there for a while and it seemed like a nice destination for Sunday lunch.

So having booked G-BIEY from Willowair (EGMC),

I set off with Peter and Stewart (who's not in any of the pics!)

Dee and Peter up front...G-EY had been returned from maintenance minus the 2nd NAV/COMM and Indicator!

Cap Gris Nez through a little cloud

Left base for 14 at LFAT

Touchdown.....taxiing to exit

G-EY outside the terminal at LFAT...not many visitors today!

After Lunch (the usual place) a coffee in the Tabac shop..then back for the flight home.

Dee & Peter with G-EY back at EGMC