The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

LFAT by Kingair - 08.09.2005

John rang James to set up a revalidation flight.

James was busy as next day he had to fly a charter to France

and was desperately ringing around for a first officer


“In fact John are you by any chance free……?” 

Two phone calls later and the decks were cleared. 



Captain James ‘I see no ships’ Meeson and the King Air



Wannabe First Officer O’Brien


What could possibly be better than a Beechcraft 200 ‘King Air’?




The 2nd King Air was flown by Captains Janine and Sture Olsson

pictured below with James.



Don’t be fooled, Janine and Sture have been there, done it

and collected more tee shirts than you can shake a stick at. 

On one occasion they rescued their King Air from advancing molten lava. 

They were not so lucky rescuing their possessions from their nearby accommodation.




Up front...



Its Witchcraft…..



P68 to the rescue….


Mitch, Paul and Rob picked the crew up from Farnborough

and we were all back in good time for the regular Thursday night flight planning session

at HQ (aka the Dog and Partridge)