The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Le Touquet - 30.10.2004

The problem with the UK for pilots is the weather, particularly if you are not IR rated.

Most of us don't mind 'a bit' (sometines a lot!) of wind and rain,

but its not much fun for passengers!

Anyhow, after 2 weeks of naff weekend weather, we finally got a break...

Armed with free landing vouchers from Pilot we set for LFAT seemingly did the world and his uncle!

G-BN in formation - Sheerness in Background


France - Cap Gris Nez

Abeam Boulogne - Well they've built the propellors.......

Landing 14 at LFAT

Arriving LFAT we had to join downwind left for 14....

bit strange really as left base for 14 would have been okay.

Parked wing to wing

(Rob and Paul forgot their voucher! thing they had to remember..)

We set off for the town, where we checked to make sure the beach was still there and then had lunch.

Stavreece and Levi sample some of the Belgian beers on offer.....

After Lunch we retired to our usual coffee venue in Le Touqs

G-BN lining up behind G-SE on 14 at LFAT....we were hoping we'd be cleared to roll in turn.

Port side of SE crossing the channel....See Graham in the back window taking snaps?

A different view of Boulogne Harbour

Starboard side as we coasted in at Dover

Levi  flew back in G-SE....should have turned his mic off!

G-BN over the Channel


Stavreece flying G-BN

After landing back at Thurrock, we met with Ian in G-MB

and Mitch in G-MK

Mitch took Lisa and the boys up for a ride in G-MK


Lisa on the flight-deck, while Stavreece and Levi lounge in the back of MK