The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Le Touquet in the Six!...via Lydd

John asked if we fancied Le we hadn't been there for a while.

Customs (GAR) and Flight plans were filed by Rob & Paul and we all met at the field 0930Z.

So, five up in the Six!.....LFAT via Lydd (for fuel as we were heavy).

John starts unwrapping N-7SA

One of the wing covers - invaluable when theres a frost!

The Bata Estate - E.Tilbury

Coalhouse Fort - E.Tilbury

Rochester Airfield - East abeam

Leeds Castle

Landing 03 at Lydd.....used to be 04

Refuelling....If leaving the UK, you can purchase fuel Tax Free at Lydd (saves sending off a drawback form)

...and they've dropped the landing fee to a sensible price at £7.50

200 litres of fuel + landing fee = £150

Rob P1 from Lydd to Le Touquet

Coasting out at Lydd

Some 'low' (3000') cloud mid-channel

Finals 32 at LFAT

After ensuring the beach was still there and having lunch, we returned to the Airfield for the flight home

Paul P1 on the way home


Monkeys + Trafficscope

Today's Flying Monkeys.

I apologise for the pictures - Graham was in Sywell!