The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

LFAT Flyout - 19.09.09

A plan had been hatched to go the Scilly Isles to celebrate Ian James' birthday.
Spanner in the works = Ian wasn't going to go, because he was away!
Instead a few of us (16) planned for LFAT
Aircraft: EC120, P68, C177 and PA28
Mitch took off to drop Dee, Paul and Harish off at Redhill, then return to Thurrock to pick up
Kim, Helen, Graham and drop in to North Weald to pick up Debbie & Rob, before heading off to LFAT.
Rob, Dave, Karen and Samantha departed Thurrock direct to LFAT.
James, John and Jenny departed Stock then via North Weald to LFAT

Dee & Paul pre-flight the EC120 at Redhill
Harish in the back armed with PLB                                             Air Taxi..... Preparing for Take-off
Vis wasn't great
Coasting out at Folkestone
Coasting in at Boulogne
Base for 14 LFAT.....Vis improving....a bit...

We made our approach on 14, then cut across the grass to the Helipad.
....Bang in the centre of the pad!
Successful landing by Captain Samantha
Karen & Samantha at Le Touquet
Samantha & Karen looking round the market at Le Touquet
As there were 16 of us,
we decided to meet under the clock tower in the middle of the market before going for lunch!
Lunch in town, some chocolate, a recce to ensure the beach was still there........
.....And it was! Samantha, Dave & Karen at the water the beach!!

.............and then a stroll back to the field.
Getting ready to head back...the wind had shifted 180 degrees.
Mitch checking out the Heli.....yep we need one of these!

(Kim, you'll have to wait for that Corvette..)
Dee reversing the route on the GPS
Paul looking for the checklist and charts
Lift Off!
EC120 tracking the coast up to Cap Griz-Nez

View across the channel
G-BN & G-NS formation back to North Weald
Back at Redhill...preparing to head home to Essex
Our ferry flight arrives at Redhill to take us back to Thurrock.
Samantha Flying back to North Weald........working the radio too!!