The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Le Touquet: G-BN first flyout!

G-BEBN has been out of action for a while undergoing a major re-furbishment.

So now with new engine, paintwork & interior it was time to take it on its maiden voyage 'Le Touquet' ofcourse!

Bright new colours!

G-BN & N-SA took off from Thurrock to meet up with G-YB in the air.

G-MK & N-VB were already in le touquet.

We could not get a cab from the airport so we rented bikes!

We rode into town........and made sure the beach was still there.

Then we rode off to find the others & John picked up Kim along the way!

We all met up for a meal at our favourite restaurant 'Le Bureau'.

Kim & Helen decide it is time to go shopping!

As we were sitting at the table, a band went past with the locals dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

After lunch it was all back to the airport to depart for the UK. Tony & Ness depart in N-VB

Mitch & Kim depart in G-MK

The rest of us climb into to the balance of the fleet on the apron.

Next stop HQ! Another good day out!