The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Le Touquet (Again) - 27.12.2003

Yes I know we seem to be turning in to the flyers

that go only to Le Touquet, but its for a good reason.

When the weather isn't perfect, It's only a short hop across the channel

And we get fuel drawback.

It was bloody windy again.


Rob remembered his Camera.

'Monkey Cadet' Rhys (right) is our youngest member and is training for his PPL

(His mum bought him some lovely David Clarks for Xmas!)

Rob demonstrates flying without getting 'headset hair'.

Rhys makes note to buy more hair gel.

Landed on 24. Weather was pants. The G-BN Monkeys.

Paul took the photo. Monkeys with G-SE.

Note: Our junior monkeys have not been type aproved for the Monkey Greeting

With the weather looking 'iffy' and cloudbase forecast low over Lille,

We stopped only for coffee at the field.

€50 Euros for 14 cups of coffee!

Note: Look at Dee's hair (bottom left)

This is what happens if you use too much hair gel!

Back at Thurrock. Lunch at HQ.

At least we went flying. Did you?