The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Le Touquet Flyout - 25/10/2003

Yes, we went to Le Touquet and very nice it was too...flight was short though


It was bloody cold in Essex and the aircraft covered in frost


  Kent - M20 between DET amd LYD              Lashenden (Headcorn off Starboard)


Coasting out at Llydd                                     Cloud over French Coast


Just in case you needed to Land

Coasting in at Le Touquet


The beach

G-BN: Where's my RNAV?

Downwind for 32


Turning Base                                                            On Base


Finals for 32

John was snap-happy so took a close up of the bridge


G-BN Landing

G-SE parked by Terminal and G-BN parking alongside


New Member James (& passengers) + G-YB parked in front of Tower

Something to eat....and drink


Relaxing in a bar after lunch - coffee only for pilots....


Le Touquet is a great destination for a bit of shopping

(boys hold on tight to your wallets)

and for restaurants and bars. Best of all it is a 50-60min hop field to field!

You can rent bicycles or taxis are pretty cheap in to town