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Jaunt to Palma: 12-13.04.2006

I had been flight-planning Guernsey with some friends as an IFR trip as one pilot was IR rated,

but I had some questions about airways routes and so contacted James to pick his brains.

Whilst talking, he mentioned a charter to Palma.10 minutes later I had booked the Thursday off and was packing to go!

Another flying buddy (Pete - LFAT in Rain) kindly dropped me at Southend on Wednesday evening.

G-JA being refuelled at Southend prior to departure.

FL260 to Palma...with 50 Knot tailwinds we were there in 2.5hrs!

Parked at Palma, waiting for handling agent to pick us up.

Off to the Hotel which was very modern - James insisted I photographed the bathroom.

Suits you sir!...hope Pippa likes it.

After a late dinner we grabbed some sleep and were back at Palma for 0900 local.

Back on the Apron, we readied G-JA again for departure to Bristol (EGGD)

The cockpit

Another fill-up

Ready and waiting for passengers.

However, plans changed and after a 6 hr delay we left for Farnborough climbing to FL260

70 Knot headwinds meant that it took over 4 hrs to get there!

Menorca - we weren't given the most direct departure and routing home


Marseilles from FL260


Left and Right Views - coasting in at Marseilles

Kingair crew: FO Masson and Captain Meeson

We let off some passengers at Farnborough, with the intention of continuing with the rest to EGGD

However, fog at Bristol meant a divert to Bristol Filton (EGTG)

Having secured the aircraft it was back to Fog-bound Bristol by minibus to collect James' car and drive home.

Knackering...but an excellent experience.