The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Jaunt to Alicante: 20/10 to 22/10/06

Peter asked John and James to fly him to Alicante at the weekend and bring the Rockwell home again. 

Anticipating complications en route the plan was to get across the Channel Friday evening and spend the night at Le Touquet. 

With Customs clearance out of the way and the tanks full an early start could be made on Saturday morning. 

Le Touquet at 6am on Saturday.

The taxi picked us up from the Red Fox at 06:30 Hrs local and we were in the plane and ready by 07:00 Hrs.

LFAT had agreed our early departure before official opening at 09:00 Hrs.  

Pity we forgot it would be pitch dark and we had no way of switching the lights on. 

Having got up at 05:00 Hrs body clock time and missed breakfast we sat in G-TECH waiting for the crack of dawn. 

Oh well, lesson learned. 


Round the back of the Terminal

Then over the mention on that on the ATPL course!!

The 'red-eye' is not down to the flash ;-)

Airborne at 08:10 we landed 31R at Montpellier 3 hours 20 minutes later.  

Lunch and refuel and we were on our way again routing along the coast past Perpignan

and Barcelona on our way to Castellon de la Plana

A pretty cove just past Perpignon

Alicante will not accept VFR arrivals on a Saturday so from here it was a grind to FL80 for an airways join

and a short flight to Alicante where we were asked to self position for a ten mile final. 

On Sunday tails winds gave us speeds approaching 190 MPH over the ground

and we were in Lyon Bron three hours twenty minutes after departing Alicante

Another three hours saw us back at Elstree.