The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Jakabszállás: 2nd-4th May 2008

After attending the CFO Fly-in last year as part of last year's major flyout,

imagine our delight that the eventwas to be repeated at the same field this year...

Jakabszállás, Hungary.

Don't worry if you can't pronounce it.....'Yakab'

...or in the words of Paul (our linguist) 'Jacobs Crackers' will suffice.

This year we took 3 aircraft and a total of 12 people.

The C177, The Lance and ofcourse The Partenavia.

G-BN (heavy) departed Thurrock VFR at 0715Z complete with passengers and 'cargo'

N945 departed North Weald IFR at 0730

(the earliest we could take off with permission from the local council)

Although flying under different rules, we planned to use the same stops for Customs and Re-fuelling.

1st stop was Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany - Fuel, Pee, adjust flightplan and off again.

We were not the only crews to fall foul of the newly appointed Waypoint 'Kilo'

Note: You need an Air BP card (ideally) at EDFE, unless you are paying cash.

AND: You get slapped for approx €20 to gaze briefly at your passports.

2nd Stop was Linz - Pretty much the same deal.

Note: You need an Aero Shell card for fuel here or pay cash.

You can pay by credit card if you argue, but handling slap you for €20 'admin'.

Final destination - Jakab.

For BN VFR, for N945 IFR.

Climbing out from Linz, N945 could not get higher than F090 (due to downdrafts)

and so in IMC was vectored clear of the mountains.

Arriving at Jakab, we were met by Paul Tonelli and 'Geezer' (excuse spelling),

who plied us with alcohol before sending us to the new hotel 200M away.

Not far to walk, but Geezer provided us with two cars to run back and forth in!

What a Diamond Geezer!

Much mirth, drinking, eating and bowling ensued as we partied in to the night

(to the regret of some who spent the next day recovering).

There was a Ghoulash contest, a CFO meeting which we missed as there was confusion over lunch

plus Mitch and his crew arrived in the Partenavia on Saturday PM.

In the afternoon we were bus'd offsite to a National Park,

where we saw a rural horse show with Hungarian Cowboys.

Then dinner, Gypsy Music and more drink.

(We ofcourse bought a CD)

Back at the field, we engaged in more merryment and bowling.

(except for Dee and Paul who were busy sorting the flight plans for the return on Sunday)

Sunday we departed at 0845Z after taking on some fuel

The return stops were the same and the wind/weather kind until we entered the mirk of the UK.

De-briefing was (as always) at HQ.

Another fantastic (if short) excursion...only 14hrs of flying over 3 days.

Sharon & Rachel (with BN) arrive at Thurrock ready for the off!.......

Baggage handlers were on strike so Paul had to carry Sharon's 'trunk'

Airborne (N945) and crossing the Channel James having breakfast.......Dave is awake!


Downwind for 27 at EDFE Egelsbach

Some light icing enroute to LOWL Linz

'Horn' on Fuel Cap..and some light ice on leading edge.

Proof Dee & James were still awake in the cockpit.


We completed a procedural ILS 27 at LOWL...and stopped for Fuel and a pee.

Climbing out from Linz, we could only make FL090 due to heavy downdrafts around mountain area.

So we routed around the mountains

On the descent in to Jakab

Sunset after a long days flying

A hearty dinner was laid on by our host....

Bowling after Dinner...we particularly liked the shoes.

We partied in to the early hours

Hungover...Dee and James checking over N945 on Saturday morning.

We went to the Hungarian 'High Chapparel' (Paul translated) with the CFO folk,

where we went for a long horse-drawn carriage ride and a Hungarian Cowboy show before dinner.

Sit!!!....while I crack my whip...

More horse tricks.....

Then Dinner and a Gypsy band....we bought a CD naturally.

We seemed to have issues with camera batteries, so not many more pics.

'Lunch'...let them eat cake!....that's all the restaurant had!

Departing after Refuel at Egelsbach

A short trip, lots of hours, lots of fun.....but then..

Serious Flying should be FUN!!!


Paul Tonelli for arranging the event

Geezer and his staff for their kindness and great hospitality

The CFO folk that made it from all over the world....making it a truly great event

The Monkeys for having fun


Heathrow Flight Clearance, for their assistance, helpfulness in filing, adjsuting and refiling our flight plans



EDFE 'C', for not taking the landing fee when James first went in

and refusing to allow us to pay over the Phone,

which forced us to turn around halfway down the taxiway!

EDFE 'C' for charging a fee to look at Passports.

LOWL Refuelling - for not taking credit cards.

It's not hard to be pro-GA, it encourages revisits.....