The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Isle of Man - Manx Festival of Aviation: 7-8th August 2004

Isle of Man and the Manx Festival of Aviation.

We went along cos part of the show was the Air Race put on by the Royal Aero Club

After a crappy weeks weather, Saturday turned out nice!

So off we went in G-MB and G-BN

Route: LAM - BNN - DTY - LIC - WAL - Point of Eire

Route Briefing before take-off

Broken (and Low) Cloud after Luton


G-MB in formation - Broken Cloud  (500ft..ish) over Coventry

Isle of Man - Ramsey to the right

Crossing Threshold of 07 to join Downwind Left for 25 at Jurby

Short Finals for 25

Special Branch were waiting in the Blue Bus


After a quick walk round the stalls we settled in at the beer tent to watch the show....for a change...

Here is where I would have put Air Show Pictures...but I didn't take any...Harrier, Hawk, Sea Vixen, etc.....

Early beers proved too much for Pete (lightweight)....Ian made sure nobody drew on Pete's face...

Parked for the sign of bad weather.....yet.

We took the coach back to the Grand Island Hotel and soon were consuming more beer,

before a brisk walk in to town to find a restaurant. We settled for Tapas in the Ariba Restaurant.

Next morning, breakfast was early (8am) and the coach left for the field at 0830hrs.


On the coach.

The wind had picked up and was blowing a gale, with the forecast deteriorating as the day wore on.

We decided to depart ASAP (before the air-race) and head for home.

But we had to wait for fuel and when we called up to request taxi...we were told we could not leave as the race had started

A quick phone call to Mitch and a word with Ken and we were on our way to the hold for 07.

Paul, Rob and James with G-BN

Dee, Ian and Pete with G-MB

We were cleared for take-off as soon as was practical and departed as 'Monkey Formation'

Thanks to Mitch and Ken.

The crossing over the sea to WAL was slow with 30kt headwinds and poor visibility.

Once we made mainland it was bumpy all the way home.

Another good weekend!...and we went somewhere different!