The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

IFR to Antwerp - 14/09/2003

DCT - KOK - DCT - NIK - DCT   :     RMK/ HI EBAW

Dee decided he wanted to see how far Antwerp was (for work).

James came along as P2 and John came along to take some snaps and pay for lunch!

Dee waiting with G-SE for James (late as usual due to traffic on A127).

Standard 'monkey' uniform of shorts + lifejacket. 

Airborne at last - Who's flying the plane!

After activating Flight Plan with London Info (124.6), switched to Manston (126.35)

Routing over Manston

Approach plate was not 1:1 scale.

Simulated IMC

SID NIK 1E from Antwerp  (ran out of flash space on way in!)

Sunset Cross-Channel (FL060)

The QE2 Bridge - Detour on way home.