The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Hop to Le Touquet - 21.08.2010

Time had come to fly G-FEDA again,

so Dee planned a hop to Le Touquet with the family.

Low cloud delayed departure from Redhill by an hour, but then we were off!

Coasting out at Folkstone, Alex shows Dee how its done 

Chrissie enjoying the ride..

Rohana and Menisha catch some ZZZZ's

Coasting in at Bolougne

Le Touquet Airport...........Runway 32 in use,

but being a chopper, we were cleared to cross the active and position for the taxiway.

Alex still smiling after the channel crossing..and low cloud.

Finals for the Taxiway

All Heli-pads were taken, so we were asked to park on the grass.

View from the restaurant at the field.

Due to a road race in town, we were unable to get a taxi and all were getting hungry!

Plenty of visitors though...and lots of bike rentals.

Mini, Rohana & Alex giving the thumbs up..

Strapped in and ready to go 

Mini and Roly...must get smaller Bose.

Chrissie takes the front seat.

Well..we didn't make it to the town, but we went flying...and lunch at the airfield was fine.

Next time....