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Hilversum Flyout - 18/10/2003


Why Hilversum?....we thought it was near Amsterdam

- it was in terms of flying!

Out of Thurrock, climbed to 3000ft above broken cloud over Canvey Island

 Approaching Nort Kent coast

Following G-SE (blur in middle)

Loose formation (as usual) with G-BN

G-SE from G-BN

G-BN passing over us

Ostend Harbour                                                       A bit closer


A long bridge in Holland

Whats That?

Circuit for 07 - head for lakes then turn 07


Hilversum VFR Plates - Study Them!

These are supplied in lieu of airfield snaps

 - too busy landing and it just looked like a field!


        Hilversum is a relaxed but very busy GA airfield, with Fixed Wing, Rotary,

Glider, Motor Glider and Parachuting Traffic. You really need to study the circuit diagram.

Identify landmarks for runways, because they are very difficlult to see until you are virtually on them.

You will not be allowed to overfly the AD

...and it is easy to get dis-oriented with all the diffrent traffic in pretty close proximity!

The Tower will order you a taxi

At Lunch in Hilversum Town

The team after Lunch - Raw steak!...thats what 'Hollansde Biefstek' is...

The Town is very Pretty - loads of bars & restaurants (McDonalds too..)

Some Cheese in the Market

G-BN taking off in Hot pursuit of G-SE


Crossing Channel FL55 - Sunset