The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

High Wycombe - Saturday 18th August 2007

Lisa, Mike & the boys came over from Cyprus so we decided to visit our friends in High Wycombe.

So 12 people & 3 planes later, we arrived to meet Ray, Barbara & Sylvia

at 'The Pad' restaurant at High Wycombe airfield. After the initial greetings,

we managed to get them into the plane for a quick fly round the local area.

Captain Ray up-front of P68

Barbara & Sylvia in the back.

Captain Ray takes control & prepares the passengers for landing at High Wycombe!

Then it was all back to 'The Pad' restaurant for lunch.

We phoned ahead & booked a table for 15 people so they put us upstairs overlooking the airfield.

The service, food & drinks were fantastic - thanks to all the staff there!

Then it was back to Thurrock & HQ to finish the day off!!