The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Choppers to Bembridge - Isle of Wight

Having enjoyed the trial sessions, Dee decided to continue with the rotary course on the Hughes 500.

EBG had organised a flyout to Bembridge for Lunch.

2x R22s, 1x R44, 1x Alhouette and 1x Hughes 500

The Alhouette

The Hughes 500 and R44

Jo and Ron with R44

A gaggle of other aviators with one of the R22s

We flew loose formation, numbered 1 to 5

The Hughes was '5' and being quickest, we moved up the line to take photos.

No 4 - R22

No 3 - R22

No 2 - R44....bit out of focus Ken!

No1 - Alhouette

The Needles - West end of IOW

Flying across to Bembridge - Mist rolling in from the Sea


Parked at Bembridge, landing fees paid and then off for lunch at The Propeller Inn.

After Lunch, back to the Choppers.

The back of my head....somehwere between Bognor and Redhill

'Landing' at Redhill and waiting for taxi back to Hangar 1

R22 Landing at Hangar 1

Landed. Winding down.

A good day out and better still...Lunch was on EBG!