The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Heli Trial - 21.05.2005

Dee had always fancied having a go at flying helicopters.

After all, his generation had experienced the A-Team, Airwolf, Blue Thunder, Magnum, etc.

So he made some enquiries....Southend, Headcorn, Redhill...

It soon transpired that the R22 was too small for him (instructors are heavy after all) 

and all things considered the R44 was not really that much cheaper in the long run against a Hughes 500

when you considered the cost of Jet conversion.

So a trial lesson was booked with Martin at EBG Helicopters (Redhill)

Dee, Pete and Darren set off early on Saturday.

After a coffee and briefing with our unstructor Ken...we went out to G-YL

Dee and Ken conduct the walk round


Jet Engine.....and tail rotor


Darren in back as Dee goes through Start-Up sequence.

Dee at the gentle!

Getting the hang of this now....

Coming in to Land on Heli Strip at Redhill

'Taxiing' back to EBG

Out you get turn! says Pete

Dee and Ken with G-YL at the end of the 2nd Sortie.