The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Guernsey - 24.04.2004

Weather was great!

To save some cash (for Spain) we decided to utilise our planes to capacity.

This week, G-SE. 4 Up and Enough Fuel for Guernsey.

For W&B, we left Thurrock without adding Fuel, planning to Stop at Shoreham for fuel.

We were going to pop in to Transair in any case to buy new charts.

Shoreham Arrivals Board

I had bought a pre-calibrated PA28 'Fuel Dipper' From Aircraft Spruce

and was keen to test it.

Lesson - don't dip on grass...dip on level surface for accurate reading.

We landed with more fuel than we took off with!

Cheaper to stay Flyin

Paul and John can't believe their eyes...

Passing Selsey Bill

Turning Base at Guernsey


We had to wait for fuel, but only 57p/litre...luvverly jubberly!

Other Visitors

Today's Monkeys

Dee and John at the bar of The Deerhound Inn - 10 mins walk from Airport

Paul was tipsy after sniffing his shandy....

Top Gun Monkeys..

Guernsey Airport

During the War....

G-SE ready to go

Dee and John remembered their life jackets....

Departing Guernsey over St Peters Port.

Another good day out!