The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Germany CFO Fly-in 4th to 7th June 09

We were invited to attend the annual European 'Cessna 177 Cardinal owners club fly-in'.

This event was to be held at Hamm Airfield (Germany) & hosted by Hans Peter.

As usual we decided to make the most of a trip and called in to Essen Heim en-route

to clear customs & to visit Daniel's restaurant in Bocham, before continuing the journey onto Hamm.

The weather forecast wasn't the best but turned out to be good!

Essen Heim airfield (Germany).

We parked the planes and got a cab into Bocham where we stayed in a great hotel

that was only a five minute walk to Daniel's restaurant.

Daniel greeted us at his restaurant and then served us with a nine course meal,

champagne, white wine, red wine and beers!

The meal was fantastic, with a very interesting theme to it based on Asparagas - even the ice cream!!

We would definately recommend the restaurant and we will return!! 

Then a toast with the local 'fire water' to finish!

The next morning it was time to re-fuel the aeroplanes & fly the short 20 minuite hop to Hamm airfield.

Hamm airfield is in a beautiful setting (when the sun shines!)

We were greeted by Hans peter with a tray of the local 'fire water'!

They all looked after us really well, running us back & forth to the hotel when we needed it.

There was a BBQ and hangar party with a great singer & band.

Unfortunately (due to the weather) quite a few people cancelled, but never the less it was a great event.


The local news reporter was there and above is the report that appeared in the paper the next day!

(If anyone can translate it, let us know.... We know it says 'Flying Monkeys', so that must be good!)

After the party it was back to the hotel for a nightcap!

Next morning (between rain showers) we departed to Le Touquet for lunch (which was in brilliant sunshine),

before returning back to Thurrock & HQ.

Another great weekend!

Thanks to Daniel for the excellent service and  food.

Thanks to Hans Peter and everyone at the Hamm airfield for organising such a great event.