The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Thames Flight - 29/02/2004

Rob's sister and kids were over from Cyprus for a week they went flying as often as possible!

Today we had planned to pop down to Shoreham,

but had to turn back due to poor weather.

So instead we stayed local and took a trip down the Thames,

courtesy of Thames Radar.

G-SE catching up

G-SE Alongside G-BN

East London along the Thames

Thames Barrier

The Dome


London City Airport

Lisa, Levi and Norman - No its not really Norman.

Rob's mum bought him a Baboon for his birthday

and sellotaped a picture of Norman to him!

Sacre Bleu!...etc.


Levi and Stavreece take turns at the controls.

Upton Park - Home of the 'Hammers'

Coming in to Land 07 at Thurrock

G-SE landing at Thurrock

Levi and Stavreece with G-BN

We went flying...did you?

Le Touquet for Lunch - 22/02/2004

Le Touquet for Lunch

(for a change)

Well it was Sunday, the weather was overcast and windy with a few showers

and Rob had promised a flight to his friends Rachel and Mick

So to LFAT

Mick up front with Rob

Rach hanging on in the back

Mick & Rach with G-BN at LFAT