The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Eagelscott Races : 17-18.07.2004

Eaglescott..and the first air race for John in G-AVNS!

The weather as usual wasn't perfect, but...

John and James departed Friday, while Mitch, Graham, Rob and Paul left on Saturday.

G-NS didn't make it to Eaglescott on Friday and had to divert due to bad weather.

Saturday morning was no better for the boys in G-MK

Who put down at Exeter

But the weather seemed to clear a little

Landing at Eaglescott

The boys arrive

Graham joins John in preparation for the race.

One of the Marshalls..

G-NS Takes off

Shall I turn left?....Its all lefts John...

Are you sure you know where we're goin?

Turning over the field

G-MK and G-NS after the race.

Monkeys in the Bar (for a change) - Mitch gave away his fleece!

The sheep didn't seem bothered by the sauce...mmhh.