The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Weekend to Donegal: 13-15.05.2005

John & Eunice made a quick trip home to visit friends and family. 

They landed at Dublin's Weston (EIWT), Donegal (EIDL) and Belfast Aldergrove.


 Dublin will clear you across the city not above 1000 feet to Weston

routing along the Liffey when you have positively identified the stacks at the mouth of the river.


Maynooth is a VRP for Weston and Dublin


Turning long final for Derry's Eglinton airport


John manning the tower at Eglinton


John explaining to the Eglinton ATCO which button he pressed before all radar contacts were lost. 


Rathmullan Co Donegal on the shores of Lough Swilly.


Landing beyond the 737's touch down point at Belfast


Red Arrows refuel at Belfast before the Newtonards air display


Low point of the trip was security at Belfast refusing Eunice's Mum entry to the GA apron

as her bus pass photo id was "not sufficient".  Beware of Aldergrove.


Eunice and John's Mum after landing back at Donegal


John's friend Andrew before his first trip in a small airplane.  His grin was even wider after landing!


We radioed the tower when we realised we had left without paying one night's parking and two landings.

"Ah shure you'll be back another time" came the reply!