The Flying Monkeys

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.......Should be Fun!

Dinard Flyout - 11/10/2003(Return via Alderney)


Remember Dinard and Channel Islands are SVFR - you will get a squalk code.

Pete didn't book the Robin, so Dee had to uncover G-SE

Our house from the air...yeah right!

Low cloud over French coast. So we dropped from FL050 to 1500 ft on QNH

East abeam Cherbourg Airfield

Crossing from St Germain to Dinard (with dog-leg around control zone) abeam Iles Chausey


Turning Finals - Very Pretty area -Cloudbase at 1200

Long Finals for 17


Note: You should always carry your Pilots Licence in addition to your passport

and make sure that you carry & wear a Hi-Vis Vest!

Parked up at Dinard

The Crew

Dinard: The Bates Motel?

The Beach

On departure, we were all taxied down the massive runway in line

and then cleared for take-off in turn.

G-SE lining up                                                 G-SE cleared for take-off


Leaving Dinard

Fuel in France is no cheaper than UK, so we opted to go back via Alderney.

Our routing was SVFR and would take us overhead Jersey.

However, Jersey routed us West around the island at various levels (2-3000ft).

Radar control around Jersey - in cloud!   'G-BN not below 3000ft'

Alderney Approach - 08

Dee left Kate guarding G-SE

John bought some beer at the smallest 'duty free' we'd ever seen.

After departing Alderney towards CP, G-NS took a detour to look at a submarine!

A bit closer....

G-NS passing Bembridge (IOW) after buzzing the submarine

G-NS Landing Back at Thurrock

A Great day's flying!