The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Dijon Abort! - 11.04.04

Around June this year, the monkeys go to Spain.

The first leg will be Thurrock to Dijon

So with the weather looking ok, off we went.

Leaving the Coast at Lydd, cloudbase was broken at about 2,500ft

Coast of Lydd

So we commenced a climb through to FL50

On the climb through, the Vacuum pump failed on G-BN.

Something doesn't look Right!....

Bashing the panel didn't work...

So we elected to Turn Back to Base.

G-SE decended through the gaps in the cloud and G-BN waited for a bigger gap

which came @10NM from Lydd.

Back in the UK and lifejackets off.

Back on the ground at Thurrock, cowling off...

Can u fix it?....Not today...

Never mind...all back safely