The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Daytrip to Deauville - 14.08.2004

James Meeson had suggested that we went to we did.

Taking G-SE four up - myself, Rob, Paul and Graham - we departed for Shoreham

where we would refuel, pop in to Transair and then have breakfast before deaprting for LFRG

Dee preparing SE while we wait for Rob and Paul who are in their own time zone ;-)

It was pretty murky, and past MAY we went IMC

London 124.6 were on the ball though and when we requested frequency change to Shoreham,

we were advised that our details had been passed on and they were expecting us!

4 KM to run...ADF indicating Shoreham to left


Finals for 20

We departed 1000Z from Shoreham routing DCT - LFOY - ED - DCT

FL35..just above the clouds

Coasting in at the French Coast

Passing over LFOY

Normandy Bridge - VFR Reporting Point 'ED'

Right base for 30 at LFRG

Landing 30

We were marshalled on to the grass

3 out of 4 of today's Flying Monkeys.

Graham was out of Uniform as Helen had not washed and ironed it!

The Terminal

We took a taxi in to Honfleur - €30 each way


But worth it...beautiful harbour and very busy


The view from our restaurant - where Paul yet again could not get a plain salad!

Paul and Graham walking off lunch down one of the many picturesque streets in Honfleur

Waiting for the Taxi back to the Airfield

The most direct route is via SFD, but there was an airshow at Eastbourne, so we routed via LYD

then North to Ashford to avoid Headcorn and on to Faversham to avoid Challock


There is a 'ZIT' between La Havre and Deauville practice we routed South from LFOY (on way in) to the River and then up to ED (Normandy Bridge)

...and reversed the route going home

Leaving LFRG

The 'ZIT'...Danger Area at La Havre

Climbing to FL50

FL50 and homeward bound

Another great day out!